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BeliefNet: Doubting deliverance

It isn’t easy to wrestle with doubt as a Christian. We think we should have the courage of a lion and the faith of an apostle, but we are faced with circumstances in life that make us ask hard questions. Are we beyond God’s reach? Have we been forgotten by God? Does he not see what we’re going through?

We worry when we ask these questions that we’re not the good Christians we should be. We worry that there’s no place for lament in the Christian walk, but it’s important to understand doubt and hold to the promise of deliverance.

There isn’t a quick fix for doubt, and sometimes, it’s a long road to deliverance, but God is sovereign, so how do we walk through doubt without giving up?
Read more at http://www.beliefnet.com/Faiths/Christianity/Galleries/What-to-Do-When-You-Doubt-Deliverance.aspx#xiPzVK4X9xZb0bsD.99

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It’s OK to be creative

You’re a creative person, and it’s tough. It’s tough because the world seems to operate with technical people, people with science and math degrees, people who land great jobs.

You’re a creative person, and it’s what people call a gift, but you don’t always feel that way because your “gift” doesn’t pay the bills or get awards or any recognition. Sometimes, maybe you don’t want to be a creative person.

God, however, designed us to be mirrors of his image, and if you have a mind that sees in pastels, that strings together words, that plays music, then you’re just who you were meant to be. God has created you for a purpose, so how do we embrace our creativity and honor God through it?

Read more at http://www.beliefnet.com/Inspiration/Galleries/Gods-Purpose-for-Your-Life-Its-OK-to-Be-Creative.aspx#vzBDiMIKKg8bFi5t.99

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The value of forgiveness

I’m happy to finally officially announce that I’m going to be contributing monthly to BeliefNet.com. Here’s my first piece, which went live today.

Christians are commanded by God to forgive others, but it isn’t an easy command to follow. In fact, sometimes, it hurts to let go of the ache you’ve held onto for so long and sometimes it doesn’t feel right to open your heart again or even accept an apology.

Read more at http://www.beliefnet.com/Faiths/Christianity/Galleries/The-Value-of-Forgiveness.aspx#8usbGVWWV7XEAK3G.99

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