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LATERPOST: Why I Can’t Finish My Book

A few months ago, I finally said it out loud (and online) that I was working on a book. If all goes well and according to my tight deadlines, I should be finishing up a first draft of the book within the next six weeks.

That means all those medium vanilla Dr Peppers, all those words, all those naps/brainstorming sessions on my office couch, all that work will finally see the fruits of labor and at the end, I’ll have a rough manuscript.

But I have to be honest. I can’t finish it. I’m stuck.

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Why I quit chasing a reckless lover

I quit my job today.

I’m a freelance writer, so the correct thing to say is I quit one of my jobs, but it was my biggest contract, and today, I let it go.

I didn’t want to at first because the money was good, but mostly, I didn’t want to because I’d have to face a tough reality that I’m not the great journalist or editor I thought I’d be by now. In fact, I’m not even close, and I knew that if I let that job go, I’d be cutting ties with my dream career even more.

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My dream is dying

I’m supposed to be writing a book. Usually, the next question people ask me after I’ve told them that is “What’s it about?” But I’m not stuck there. I’m stuck at the cursor.

See more at: http://www.heartsupport.com/blogs/my-dream-is-dying/#sthash.LH58bLds.dpuf

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