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Reminders from God When You Feel Like a Failure

Many times we get tired of feeling like we are failing. We feel like we’re failing in our jobs, in our marriages, in our families, in our day-to-day lives, but the truth is that God didn’t promise us a lifetime of success.

Still, the ache of failure is painful. You feel like you’ve done everything wrong or like everything you are doing is not making anything better. You start to believe that you’re not good enough— a good enough mom or wife or friend.

Why can’t I run my household with grace?

Why do I feel like my work is sloppy?

Why can’t I just “win” one time?

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BeliefNet: Doing God’s Work

They don’t always nab the top headlines or make the nightly news, but acts of kindness are still around in the world, and they’re a reminder that God is at work. God doesn’t require goodness for salvation, and of course, not everyone is kind because they are believers, but we, as Christians, still need to carry out acts of kindness in this world. We still need acts of sheer love in the world.

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4 Reminders When Life Gets Overwhelming

Maybe it’s a normal work week for you. You turn off your alarm clock and wipe your eyes. You pour your coffee and hit the road for work. You turn on the radio and drive.

Then that normal week goes awry. Maybe at a red light, another car bumps you from behind. Nobody’s hurt, but it makes you late and now you have to deal with getting your car fixed. Maybe you lose a contract at work. Maybe your husband calls you at lunch and tells you there’s a leak in the dining room and the floor is ruined. Maybe life is getting a little hard.

When little things go wrong, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. You may feel as if you’ve taken two steps forward, only to take three steps back, so how do we respond when things go wrong?


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