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Reminders from God When You Feel Like a Failure

Many times we get tired of feeling like we are failing. We feel like we’re failing in our jobs, in our marriages, in our families, in our day-to-day lives, but the truth is that God didn’t promise us a lifetime of success.

Still, the ache of failure is painful. You feel like you’ve done everything wrong or like everything you are doing is not making anything better. You start to believe that you’re not good enough— a good enough mom or wife or friend.

Why can’t I run my household with grace?

Why do I feel like my work is sloppy?

Why can’t I just “win” one time?

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LATERPOST: Perfectly Imperfect

I’m by all means and classifications underweight.

And a lot people say that’s not a bad thing. Except it is. A few months ago, I walked into the doctor’s office for my regular physical and he told me I was too thin. He said my weight was making my heart work too hard. He said I couldn’t even think about having kids yet. He said I needed to see a psychiatrist.

I walked out in tears.

Read the rest over at HeartSupport.

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Stop Saying You’re Fine

It was my second visit to the small Odessa, Texas store. My husband and I were visiting his family and I remembered loving the knick knacks and cute decorations in the store. I was anxious to get back to the shop and find something for the house.

I followed my mother-in-law through the glass doors, catching up with her, when a young woman, an employee, in a T-shirt and jeans looked up from the counter.

“How are you guys?” she asked, smiling.

“Doing great,” my mother-in-law said. “How are you?”

She didn’t hesitate: “Blessed and highly favored,” she said.

It sounded strange to me at first. Then I found it awesome. Here’s why:

Find out why here.

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