That freelance career

A couple things are changing in my writing career in 2015. I’m working on a piece at with all the details of what’s happening and what’s coming next, but for now, all the change reminded me how unpredictable freelance can be.

I’m always sending pitches out. Someone always owes me money for past work. I’m constantly looking for creative stories, and a lot of the time, my inbox has rejection emails in it.

It isn’t an easy line of work, and some days I long for the daily grind of a reporter life. Not that it was any easier, but at least I knew how to handle it. Freelancing has a steep learning curve, and I’m still learning so much about it.

For now, I’m writing because it’s in me, because I have to, and as things change, I’m holding out hope that maybe one sentence in everything in 2015 that I write will make a difference somewhere.

Freelancers- how do you deal with the unpredictability of our line of work?

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