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My gateway drug

I pushed open the heavy door from the girl’s locker room and slid my back against the wall to sit on the floor. I was in high school and had just finished a tough cross country practice. I riffled through my mesh backpack, looking for a sticky honey bun I’d packed when a friend came through the locker room door.

“I’ve got it,” she said, plopping next to me and unzipping her bag.

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How Active is Hashtag Activism?

NOTE: This isn’t a usual blog post. I don’t always get to slip back into a reporting role, but the last few weeks, I had a chance to do some reporting for OnFaith. It was a great chance to look into the issue of hashtag activism and just how effective it is. Check it out below.

All it took was a hashtag. Forget handwritten letters to the editor and readers calling to cancel subscriptions — when Leadership Journal recently published a controversial article, it was a hashtag that rallied the movement against it: #TakeDownThatPost.

Read the rest here.

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Stop Saying You’re Fine

It was my second visit to the small Odessa, Texas store. My husband and I were visiting his family and I remembered loving the knick knacks and cute decorations in the store. I was anxious to get back to the shop and find something for the house.

I followed my mother-in-law through the glass doors, catching up with her, when a young woman, an employee, in a T-shirt and jeans looked up from the counter.

“How are you guys?” she asked, smiling.

“Doing great,” my mother-in-law said. “How are you?”

She didn’t hesitate: “Blessed and highly favored,” she said.

It sounded strange to me at first. Then I found it awesome. Here’s why:

Find out why here.

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