For when your heart breaks

I tossed my cell phone on the bed and watched it bounce to the floor of my bedroom. It hadn’t rung or beeped or buzzed in hours, and I was frustrated with watching it.

I was 20 and the guy I had been dating hadn’t called me in a few days. I had been pacing the room and analyzing our last conversation with my roommates. I had waited and waited and finally, I vowed to let him go and move on. Then one Sunday afternoon, I tagged along with my roommate to the bookstore, and my phone buzzed and blinked.

My heart stopped, and I showed the message to my roommate.

Read the rest over at HeartSupport.

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2 thoughts on “For when your heart breaks

  1. I went to heartsupport and read the entire article. Great work as always Amanda, i have always enjoyed reading your work.

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