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The Scars I Can’t Keep

When I was learning to ride a bike, I couldn’t quite get the hang of it. I was frustrated in the grass in our front yard, and every time I tried, I failed. I was so mad that I wasn’t focused anymore, but did I stop to take a break? To cool off?

No. I threw the bike, kicked it and yelled, “Stupid bike!”

I’m 26 and I still throw tantrums like that. I’ll admit it.

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The Reality of Being a Millenial

The leaky air mattress in the small one-bedroom apartment wasn’t what I expected when I graduated from college. But there I was—without cable or internet, without furniture and propping my TV on an upside down cardboard box, without friends or family around and eating dinner alone.

I had taken a job with a small newspaper after college, and although it was a step in the right direction for my newspaper career, the pay was low and I didn’t know anyone in the city.

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