Grace always wins

I’m one of those women who are sarcastic sometimes. Like when I’m tired or hungry or frustrated. All of a sudden, I get this razor sharp tongue and I’m saying things to people that border on mean.

And I know it cuts deep because I’ve seen their faces looking back at me. I will shake my head and hate myself and I’ll feel horrible and guilty. I keep wanting to be one of those women who is just super nice all the time, who smiles a lot and isn’t downcast or annoyed at people in the grocery line.

But I’m not.

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3 thoughts on “Grace always wins

  1. Jessie says:

    I absolutely love every article you write. Hits so close to home every time and really challenges me. I love how they are very honest and realistic about who we are as humans and sinners but also very focused on God’s glory in reframing that.

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