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You deserve some rest

I don’t know how your summer is shaping up, but mine has been crazy busy. We spent the first few weeks of June making road trips to another town to find an apartment, and then we took off for a vacation. We dropped our bags on a Tuesday and just a few short days later, we headed off for a six-hour drive to see my husband’s family in Odessa. The week we returned was also the week we were making our move.

Now, somewhere in there, we’ve had tons of fun. We fished the Gulf of Mexico and went snorkeling. We took pictures with colorful welcome signs and overall, had a blast. With all the changes happening around us, we’ve realized that we’ve marked one year of marriage and one year working at new jobs. As much as that deserves inshore fishing trips and a week at the beach, it also means we deserve some rest.

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Grace always wins

I’m one of those women who are sarcastic sometimes. Like when I’m tired or hungry or frustrated. All of a sudden, I get this razor sharp tongue and I’m saying things to people that border on mean.

And I know it cuts deep because I’ve seen their faces looking back at me. I will shake my head and hate myself and I’ll feel horrible and guilty. I keep wanting to be one of those women who is just super nice all the time, who smiles a lot and isn’t downcast or annoyed at people in the grocery line.

But I’m not.

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Setting the standard

This summer, my husband and I will celebrate our first anniversary, but this isn’t going to be one of those stories telling you the 10 things I learned in my first year. I don’t have five things I’d do differently or three lessons to share with you.

Because the most important part of our first year of marriage, and the best piece of advice I can offer a newlywed isn’t a checklist. It’s a standard. Instead of making sure we hit the right points in our first year, Derek and I set a standard for our marriage in our first year. And we made it high.

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