When Your In-Laws Visit

My husband’s family isn’t like mine, and because of that I worried that they wouldn’t like me. When Derek and I were dating, we visited his family in Odessa, Texas a few times, and I’d seen them on occasion when they made trips to see Derek in college. For a few hours, I would smile bright and say what I was sure were charming and witty things.

But then after Derek and I married, they started coming to our house and I worried about the floors and our living room and our kitchen and what they would think of the home we were building together. After all, our home was a reflection of our lives as a married couple. Would they notice that Derek was wearing a wrinkled T-shirt? Would they think I didn’t know how to iron? Would they look in my office and picture their daughter-in-law’s work as caffeine-induced scribbling? Would they hate my decorating for being too modern? Too boring?

Read the rest over at StartMarriageRight.com.

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