Don’t give your dream your all

Don’t give it all to a dream.

I know that doesn’t sound like a Pinterest quote or something to put on an inspirational poster or write on a sticky note for your mirror, but it’s what I heard echo in my ears just before I graduated from college.

I had been praying for a job, for some direction as I looked toward my graduation day, and I was frustrated when I heard other people making their what sounded like solid and awesome plans. And then I heard it:

Don’t give it all to a dream. Give it to me.

Maybe you know the feeling. Maybe you’ve just graduated. Maybe your monthly budget with your new job doesn’t add up. Maybe your dream seems too big.

Read the rest over at HeartSupport.

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3 thoughts on “Don’t give your dream your all

  1. I love this! if you are off but a few degrees you could find yourself way off course. Lets continue to set course on the narrow path. Thanks for posting!

  2. Keep the faith Miss Amanda! He will not disappoint you! I wonder what might happen if we let God do the dreaming and we committed to follow. You know it would be HUGE and the ride getting there, one word . . . .WILD!

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