The Truth of Being a “Christian” Woman

It’s tough to be a Christian woman. We’ve got words like modesty and grace and prim and proper to contend with – words that don’t always fit us, and the truth is, that’s OK.

I, myself, prefer sweatpants over skinny jeans. I’m not great at Pinterest crafts. I’m sarcastic and I wear T-shirts, and it bothered me that I felt like I wasn’t graceful or poised enough.

The reality is God uses all kinds of women for his purpose, and I think we forget that. Abraham’s wife Sarah, who believed she was too old, laughed in disbelief when God told her she’d have a child. But she did. Gomer was a prostitute and adulteress and still God blessed her marriage to Hosea. Mary was a teenager set to wed a carpenter.

And God used them all.

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5 thoughts on “The Truth of Being a “Christian” Woman

  1. lljostes says:

    Nicely said–I can certainly relate. When I was a growing up I preferred cowboy boots to baby dolls. I climbed trees instead of playing tea time. But God knew what he was doing…he was training me to be the mom to three sons, who are now all grown. Now I get to play with computer keys and words on my blog. I enjoyed yours! Thanks for stopping by mine! God bless! ~Laura

  2. the frogman says:

    Thanks for a great message of inclusion and acceptance. I think sometimes it’s easy to forget that, not only about others, but about ourselves as well.

  3. Amanda you have wonderful insight! I’d hate to miss your words of wisdom so I’m ‘following’ them closely now. Congratulations on your upcoming marriage, Blessings

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