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How to Know You’re Ready for Marriage

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I fielded a range of questions right after I got engaged. Some were about my wedding colors. Some were about the dress I hadn’t even bought yet or the date that hadn’t been set, but then I had a few people ask me how I knew I was ready for marriage.

Unfortunately, there aren’t three questions you have to ask yourself. There isn’t a checklist you have to have crossed off. You can’t even draw up a pro/con list (I tried).

The token phrase you will hear though from married people is “you just know.” The reality, however, is you know if you’re not asking. You’ll know if you don’t need three questions. You’ll know if there’s peace.

Sure, it’s OK to be nervous about your new role. Marriage requires traits that you didn’t have to use as a single adult. Things like communicating daily with your spouse, serving your spouse joyfully, and even sharing the remote control, but there’s a perfect sense of calm that comes. Don’t miss that.

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How Proverbs 31 Changed My Marriage Before It Started

NOTE: I had the chance to write for Dallas Family Magazine this month. Here’s a look.

I was trying to decide on a chicken course for my wedding when it hit me: I was going to be a wife. I was starting a new family, and I didn’t know where to start on me.

My fiancé and I had read a handful of books on marriage since we became engaged, and we’d also talked through dozens of “questions you should ask before you get married.” However, besides being in the midst of planning our summer nuptials, I was still worried.

So in between proofing invitation fonts and dress fittings, I started looking for God’s design for a wife, and my first study included Proverbs 31, a chapter that many women have looked to for guidance. It’s list of qualities includes getting up early, working hard, sewing, and feeding the poor—some of which were traits and tasks I hadn’t even perfected as a single woman.

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The Truth of Being a “Christian” Woman

It’s tough to be a Christian woman. We’ve got words like modesty and grace and prim and proper to contend with – words that don’t always fit us, and the truth is, that’s OK.

I, myself, prefer sweatpants over skinny jeans. I’m not great at Pinterest crafts. I’m sarcastic and I wear T-shirts, and it bothered me that I felt like I wasn’t graceful or poised enough.

The reality is God uses all kinds of women for his purpose, and I think we forget that. Abraham’s wife Sarah, who believed she was too old, laughed in disbelief when God told her she’d have a child. But she did. Gomer was a prostitute and adulteress and still God blessed her marriage to Hosea. Mary was a teenager set to wed a carpenter.

And God used them all.

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