When Your Dreams Change

NOTE: I stumbled upon Devotional Diva about a year ago, and I’ve been reading it ever since. Naturally then, I was floored when she agreed to let me guest post on her blog.

What happens when your dreams change?

I was in the news business. That meant you probably didn’t like me.

That meant I was either too liberal or too conservative. It meant I asked a lot of questions that were probably none of my business. It meant I couldn’t tell you I loved Jesus.

Now, I had wanted to be a newspaper woman for a long time.

I love telling stories. 

While most 10-year-olds were out scraping their knees or hopping fences, I was assembling a two-page newsletter for my neighborhood. The “newspaper” featured spotlights on local children, advances for community events and even a section devoted to advertising. I called the effort “The Ginnway Gazette.” How a 10-year-old knew the word “gazette” still boggles me.

It wasn’t surprising then, when I spent my college years taking internships at Texas newspapers, chasing down fires and car accidents and writing feature stories about festivals and new businesses. I became the editor of my college newspaper, and although I hardly slept that year, I loved the experience and knew I wanted to be a reporter.

After graduation, I tackled the grim odds of landing a newspaper job and took a position with a newspaper along the Texas Gulf Coast. Slowly, I became the city hall reporter and slowly, I found a passion for city politics.

Then last year, I married and moved with my husband to the Dallas-Fort Worth area for his job, and although I was madly in love, I was mad at the change.

Read the rest here.

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