Throwback Thursday: On fishing

The weather has brightened up beautifully in the last few days, and it’s made me miss what the first bit of sunshine after winter meant when I was in Galveston: fishing.

I’m a saltwater angler at heart and am having trouble adjusting to the non-coastal life. In honor of those days, here’s a story I wrote in 2011 for Coast Magazine about a guided fishing trip I took off the island.

Cast a Line

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One thought on “Throwback Thursday: On fishing

  1. Juana Mikels says:

    Good for you, Amanda! You are one brave woman to go in spite of a fear of seasickness. And then you didn’t even have to worry about it. My hubby, sons and SIL, are all huge fans of fishing. They don’t do too much deep sea fishing. I’m so glad you posted! Inspiring to do things and have fun in spite of fear. I hope my blind daughter learns that lesson. She has been offered a Seeing Eye Dog but has a fear of change! Yikes! She needs to meet you! Y

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