How Star Wars strengthened my marriage

I love Star Wars. I once carved a pumpkin of Darth Vader’s face. I also spent my weekends in college swinging a light saber in my apartment and scaring my roommates.

And it’s the reason I love Star Wars so much that I shouldn’t have been surprised when it strengthened my marriage. That’s right. Star Wars strengthened my marriage.

A few months ago, Derek and I bought Lego Star Wars for Wii and after 55 hours of dedication and a few AA batteries, this happened:

Lego Star Wars


I’m no expert in marriage. I’ve only been married eight months, but I think I can say this with confidence: If you want to see your marriage grow, add some Jedi to your life. In all those hours, we faced a range of marital emotions.


Me (to Derek after pulling off impossible controller skills): “You’re my hero.”


Derek (before starting gameplay):  “OK. I have a good feeling about this today.”


Me: “We have 10 seconds to finish this level! Go!”


Me: “I’m sorry. It’s my fault. I’m not good at flying with R2.”


Derek: “The controller isn’t working!”

If you’re stuck on the fact that we spent 55 hours playing this game, know two things: 1. We bought this game in August. 2. We don’t have kids.

Did we spend too much time on this game? Maybe.  Did we dream about lightsabers and ewoks? Of course. But we also managed to defeat the empire and restore balance in the force. How many marriages can say that?

8 thoughts on “How Star Wars strengthened my marriage

  1. elijah hicks says:

    Thank you for restoring balance in the force!

  2. godposts says:

    I enjoyed reading how Star Wars’ Lego set strengthened your marriage! Cheers, Diane from Godposts

  3. ladielexi says:

    Lol, I love reading stuff like this! It’s crazy how little things like this has such a dramatic impact on someone. And I absolutely love it when someone is smart enough to recognize the impact! 🙂

  4. Good tips to spice up marriage.

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