Man, I’m Blessed

I’ve been fighting an awful cold all week and thankfully, my sweet husband has been great. I think it worried him when I slept all day on Monday, but he realized by Wednesday I was feeling better since I was jokingly singing a few bars from “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.”

I can be a bit dramatic.

For me, this is a week to be thankful. In college, I had excellent roommates who, when I was sick, would first ask me if I needed anything and THEN go to dance at the now-shuttered Texas Hall of Fame. They would crack the door open and put some medicine down on the desk and then check up on me later.

Then, my senior year, my best friend and Derek took me to the emergency room at midnight even though I put up a good fight. I seriously was blessed with some stellar friends in college.

So this week, I’m grateful for a husband that loves me enough to bring me soup and watch girly movies with me while I’m under the weather. He has let me control the remote all week— partly I think because the Texas Rangers baseball season ended last week and partly because I coughed on the remote.

Be praying that Derek stays healthy despite his living with a walking infection like me around him. Lockheed Martin needs him to be on his A-game so he can help save the world and I need him to keep being brilliantly awesome and to help me carry heavy objects.

Just last week, I took him to the store, pointed to a chair I wanted and watched him lift it over his head and narrowly miss knocking over a shelf of Christmas decorations and an older lady. He then strapped that chair down in the back of my truck before lifting it up again for the hike up the three floors to our apartment.

It must be the manly body wash.

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