Telling stories

When I was working as the lifestyles editor for my college newspaper, I learned something about the media industry. The page designer and I were hunched over a computer screen, trying to figure out a way to package a story on the page. We managed to squeeze the white space to the edges to make just enough room for a short headline.

Sometimes considered the toughest part of page design, the designer typed “asdfjk” in the space as a placeholder, tapping her fingers on the keys in thought. The story was about a Christian organization that had a lengthy name and using words like variations of “serve, worship and work” felt overused in the headline.

We typed “Living for Jesus” in the space. No matter how much cheating she tried (nudging the font size by centimeters) or how much I cut from the story, the word “Jesus” would not fit. A lonely “s” always jumped to the next line, colliding into text. Frustrated, the designer looked up at me. “There’s just no Jesus in journalism,” she said.

She was kidding, but I wouldn’t ever forget that.

Then I got the chance to combine my love of the written word with my faith— a marriage I had never dreamed would happen.

I’m writing for a Christian news site from, a Christian education resource. The news site, which launched on Monday, is called The Faith News and features stuff we as Christians should be talking and praying about.

My prayer isn’t that I get pegged a conservative or liberal reporter (though I’ve been called both), but that I am able to use the platform to do the same things I’ve been doing— informing and providing relevant content to readers.

I’m still in the business of telling stories. It’s just now some of them get to be about Jesus.

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