What’s the difference between rest and recovery?

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If you’ve ever tried to convince a runner to skip a workout, you know the wrath that can accompany such a suggestion. But sports science has shown over and over again that rest and recovery are important elements of the training cycle.

So what’s the difference between rest and recovery? And when’s the best time to incorporate the two into your schedule?

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5 Ways to Be a Light in a Dark World

There’s a lot of darkness in what is supposed to a sunny and bright summer. In July, five officers in Dallas were killed “ambush-style” after weeks of tension rose nationwide between #blacklivesmatter protestors and police officers. Earlier in the summer, police shot two black men in two different states after pulling the men over. There have been rallies and protests and Twitter posts and threats, and opinions all over the place.

But what’s the Christian response to this?
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How to Renew Your Faith

At the beginning of the month or week, we’re excited with the prospects of a fresh start. We make goals and resolutions and promise to be more organized, more involved, more productive, more, more, more.

But as the days goes along, most of us have long forgotten those things or we’ve become tired of trying. Maybe we aren’t seeing the progress we want to see. Maybe our prayers don’t seem to be answered. Maybe we’re just rundown. Maybe the last few days have just been hard.

Rest the rest over at BeliefNet.

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